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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Our house has officially SOLD!! YAY!!! We are so pleased with what Karen Crowsen (Crye Leike) did for us. It was only on the market for 5 days! We close on April we have about 2 more months to live here. We are going to miss our friends here SOOOOOOOOO MUCH! But we will always have a place for Benton in our hearts PLUS Luke's whole family lives here so we will visit often!

The craziest thing is that we sold our house to some OBU friends! Josh and Melani Robles! They are expecting a baby! We are so glad that our precious little house is going to good hands. We couldn't be happier.

NOW we have soooo much work to do before we start construction on our new house!! AHHHH!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trama and New Highchair

Drake recieved his first injury on Friday. It was quite tramatic! One of the little girls that I keep (she's 9 months old) decided to turn into a cat and claw my precious little boy on the head! AND she did it right in front of her mother!! To make matters worse the mother didn't even act like it was a big deal, never apologized and never said she would cut her fingernails to make sure it NEVER would happen again! Come on least say, "I'M SORRY!" But no...there was not even a hint of an apology. I was trying to act cool (while Drake is screaming and bleeding from the head) and in a very nice voice I explained to her that her daughters nails needed to be cut before she came back to my house on Monday. Monday came and her fingernails were as long as ever! I about died. I had to explain that she HAD to have her nails cut!! I can't let her play with Drake or Bella because she will hurt them with those crazy nails! Today they are a little bit better...still pretty jagged. I know cutting your babies nails is not a fun job. But that's just part of being a parent.

This is a picture right after it happened. I know what your doesn't look THAT bad. The picture makes it look better than it really was. :-)

I just reread all that I just wrote and I had to laugh. Being a mom brings out the momma bear inside of know what I'm talking about?? God just gives you that protective instinct. I know that this in such a small thing campared to what's ahead. I pray that God will teach me patience and understanding as more things happen to Drake that I don't think are fair. I have to put it all in perspective. God let his only son be beaten and killed and He still forgave the men who did it. A little scratch on the head is nothing!

Whew! My heart just did a 108 degree turn in the last two paragraphs. :-)

Here are some pictures of Drake eating at his NEW HIGHCHAIR! He loves it!! Luke and I found it at Babies R Us on Friday AND it was one SALE!!!

And here are just some pictures of him playing this morning...

P.S I JUST found out someone's made an offer on our house!!!! GOD IS GOOD!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


These are just some cute pictures I took of Drake last night before bed. Luke didn't get home till after Drake went to sleep so I took some pictures of his little man so he wouldn't feel totally left out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This past weekend

My mom is FINALLY home!!! After being in the hospital 4 loooong nights...she got to come home on Monday. The reason why they kept her a little longer than expected was because of some internal bleeding that occurred after surgery (my poor mommy looks like she has been beaten with a bat all over her midsection) :-( She was a trooper though. After two bags of blood and antibioctics...she was feeling much better! Praise the Lord she is not facing rounds of chemo or radiation in the weeks to come. The cancer was caught early! The final patholody report came back clear of any cancer cells in any other tissue around her uterous!

Here are some picture of Drake at the hospital. He has been such a good little trooper the last few days sitting in the hospital room. I'm so proud of him. He really helped lift my mom's spirits.

Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day wasn't what we expected (since my mom was in the hospital). We went to Starback's for a little date in the morning and then shopped at Children's Place for Drake. Then we headed back to the hospital to be with my mom. We ended the day at OneChurch for a wonderful potluck dinner! It was so fun to be with everyone and enjoy a good meal. Luke and I made a ice cream sandwhich cake. Luke decorated the top (it's the OneChurch logo). I was very impressed with his creativity!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mom in the hospital

My mom has been in the hospital since Thursday morning. Her surgery went VERY well! The pathology report came back this morning and it showed that her cancer was microscopic and there were no traces of cancer in any other tissue around her uterus!! Very good news!

She was scheduled to check out this morning after breakfast, however, her blood pressure keeps dropping so they want to keep her until at least 3:00 to check it again. If it hasn't come up to normal then they are going to keep her another night. :-( So...please pray for her blood pressure to come back up! She has been such a good patient and my dad has been such a good nurse. :-) They really want to go home. My dad is exhausted (you know how uncomfotable those beds are in the rooms).

Me, Luke and Drake are headed back up to the hospital today once Drake wakes up from his nap. We hope to get a good report at 3:00!

Thank you so much for keeping my mom and family in your prayers. We have really felt them! God is so good! It is a miracle that we caught this so early!

Here is a picture of my mom and Drake. She was able to walk around yesterday and opted to sit in this chair most of the afternoon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Mom

Some of you already know that my mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer last week. After seeing Dr. Bandi (a specialist) the decision has been made to do a hysterectomy today at 1:00. He says that it is in stage one...which we were VERY happy to hear...and that it's totally curable! It looks as though it has not spread to any other tissue! PRAISE THE LORD!!

Please pray for my mom as she goes in for surgery today. This is very scary for me. My mom has always been so healthy. Pray that they don't find any other traces of the cancer in her body and that she has a full recovery!

You can learn more about this type of cancer at:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drake in action!

Since I haven't posted in so long I decided to post things today! :-) I know ya'll are thinking, "How many posts is she going to do today?" Don't worry...this is my last one for today...I think! :-)

Drake has been rolling over (from back to belly) for a little over a week now! He is getting really good at it. I am so proud of my little man! Since I can't seem to figure out how to upload videos from my Blackberry to my computer, I am going to show you some of his action shots. You'll understand when you look at the pictures.

And that's how it's done!
Notice in the last picture he has his knee up underneath him. I think we are trying to figure out how to crawl! Ahhhh! My life is about to get really fun! No really, I can't wait for him to get mobil.

Here are just a few more pictures of Drake playing after his nap today.

One more thing!

Drake has been doing something pretty funny the past few nights. When I go to get him up in the morning...he's like this!

He pushes himself up into the corner of his crib. AND notice that his wedges are kicked to the other end of the crib! When we put him down for bed we put him in the MIDDLE of the crib ON TOP his wedges. That little bugger! Oh well...I guess he's telling us that he doesn't want us to put him in those anymore! Tonight we are going to try putting him down without the wedges.

EXCITED about joining the VEMMA family!!!

EXCITED about joining the VEMMA family!!!

Luke and I have been thinking about something we can do to boost our income while I'm staying home to care for our son, Drake. We have been curious about this VEMMA product that my parents have been taking for about a year... Luke calls it a nick-name "Vavoom!" Ha! It is obvious that the nutrition in VEMMA is helping my parents with normal aging ailments like arthritis, allergies, indigestion, etc. It has helped them more than they expected it would.
AND.... as we have learned more about the business opportunity, it just keeps getting better and better! So we are IN!
The company has a great track record, impressive leadership, is financially sound, and invests in its brand partners like us!
We have several friends who are coming into the business with us and we invite you to consider VEMMA as a business for yourself.
To find out more, just drop us a note with your name and phone number. Send to: or you can visit my site at We would be happy to talk with you. You will be making a positive step toward helping others with their health while also building your financial future.

Snow Days!

Yesterday Luke stayed home from work so we could enjoy a snow day together! It was so much fun...we got out in the snow and played like we were kids again (while Drake was taking a nap).

This is the snowman that we built! It was so fun!

When Drake woke up from his nap we immediately got him dressed and took him outside so he could see the snow too! He LOVED it!

That's me after two days of not getting out of the house and NO make-up on. :-)
After we came inside and warmed up we rented Couples Retreat from DTV and watched it. It was pretty good. Then we headed out to Luke's parents house for some chili! It was such a fun day! I can't wait until Drake is big enough to get out and play in the snow with us!