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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EXCITED about joining the VEMMA family!!!

EXCITED about joining the VEMMA family!!!

Luke and I have been thinking about something we can do to boost our income while I'm staying home to care for our son, Drake. We have been curious about this VEMMA product that my parents have been taking for about a year... Luke calls it a nick-name "Vavoom!" Ha! It is obvious that the nutrition in VEMMA is helping my parents with normal aging ailments like arthritis, allergies, indigestion, etc. It has helped them more than they expected it would.
AND.... as we have learned more about the business opportunity, it just keeps getting better and better! So we are IN!
The company has a great track record, impressive leadership, is financially sound, and invests in its brand partners like us!
We have several friends who are coming into the business with us and we invite you to consider VEMMA as a business for yourself.
To find out more, just drop us a note with your name and phone number. Send to: or you can visit my site at We would be happy to talk with you. You will be making a positive step toward helping others with their health while also building your financial future.

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