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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I cannot wait until Christmas this year! Me, Luke, my mom and dad are loading up the car and going to Memphis on Christmas Eve to see my brother and his family! I am so excited! Here are some pictures of my family at Thanksgiving.
My mom's side of the family at Thanksgiving.

That's Papa John and Caleb on the 4-wheeler. Caleb LOVED the 4-wheeler. He cried everytime they would pull him off of it. He is growing up so fast. He can say so many words now...and he is walking all over the place! Here is another picture of Caleb playing on the playground.

Here is another one of him....It's my FAVORITE!! He is at the apple orchard picking apples.

As some of you may have already heard....Luke and I are EXPECTING!! We are due August 3, 2009!! It still doesn't seem real to me yet. We go to the doctor tomorrow at 1:30. I think once I see the ultrasound and hear the will feel real. I am only about 7 weeks and 4 days along. So, I've got a long road ahead of me. We are soooo excited though. We can't wait to see our new baby! Please pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

We found out that we were pregnant on December 2. I knew that something wasn't right. I was SOOOO tired during the Thanksgiving holiday, and there was no good reason to be. I went back to work that next week (Dec. 2) and could hardly function. I was dragging the whole day. So, Laurie Cox (the Preschool/Children's minister & my friend) said that we needed to go get a pregnancy test. So we went and got the test and went over to her house for me to take it. Sure enough, it was positive! I couldn't believe it. After freaking out for a little bit I went home to tell Luke. When I got home I wrote really big with chalk on the garage floor "HI DADDY!" Here is the picture I took.

I opened the door and asked him to come out and help me carry in some stuff from my car. He came out and just stared down at the floor for a minute. I was praying that he wouldn't freak out! He looked up at me with a HUGE smile and we hugged and jumped up and down. It was awesome! We are blessed and thankful! Praise the Lord!