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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drake in action!

Since I haven't posted in so long I decided to post things today! :-) I know ya'll are thinking, "How many posts is she going to do today?" Don't worry...this is my last one for today...I think! :-)

Drake has been rolling over (from back to belly) for a little over a week now! He is getting really good at it. I am so proud of my little man! Since I can't seem to figure out how to upload videos from my Blackberry to my computer, I am going to show you some of his action shots. You'll understand when you look at the pictures.

And that's how it's done!
Notice in the last picture he has his knee up underneath him. I think we are trying to figure out how to crawl! Ahhhh! My life is about to get really fun! No really, I can't wait for him to get mobil.

Here are just a few more pictures of Drake playing after his nap today.

One more thing!

Drake has been doing something pretty funny the past few nights. When I go to get him up in the morning...he's like this!

He pushes himself up into the corner of his crib. AND notice that his wedges are kicked to the other end of the crib! When we put him down for bed we put him in the MIDDLE of the crib ON TOP his wedges. That little bugger! Oh well...I guess he's telling us that he doesn't want us to put him in those anymore! Tonight we are going to try putting him down without the wedges.


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I love you all's snowman! You look great without make-up!! Lucky girl. Congratulations on your new business. I pray that you are very successful with it. And, yay for Drake!! He is so handsome!

And, of course we need to set up a playdate!! Have you guys moved or are you still in B-town?

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Drake is so cute! and how fun that he is now rolling over! I appreciate your sweet message you left me!! You look like you are having sooo much fun being a mom! That's so great! I love keeping up with ya'll through fbook and now the blog! Thanks again for your encouragement; you seem like a wonderful mother yourself!! love ya!

Jessica Harriman said...

Hey Laura! I met you in our lovely childbirth class, and I just found your blog on a friend's website. Your little boy is precious! He has changed so much since I saw ya'll at Holiday House! Can you believe our babies are 6 months old??