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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trama and New Highchair

Drake recieved his first injury on Friday. It was quite tramatic! One of the little girls that I keep (she's 9 months old) decided to turn into a cat and claw my precious little boy on the head! AND she did it right in front of her mother!! To make matters worse the mother didn't even act like it was a big deal, never apologized and never said she would cut her fingernails to make sure it NEVER would happen again! Come on least say, "I'M SORRY!" But no...there was not even a hint of an apology. I was trying to act cool (while Drake is screaming and bleeding from the head) and in a very nice voice I explained to her that her daughters nails needed to be cut before she came back to my house on Monday. Monday came and her fingernails were as long as ever! I about died. I had to explain that she HAD to have her nails cut!! I can't let her play with Drake or Bella because she will hurt them with those crazy nails! Today they are a little bit better...still pretty jagged. I know cutting your babies nails is not a fun job. But that's just part of being a parent.

This is a picture right after it happened. I know what your doesn't look THAT bad. The picture makes it look better than it really was. :-)

I just reread all that I just wrote and I had to laugh. Being a mom brings out the momma bear inside of know what I'm talking about?? God just gives you that protective instinct. I know that this in such a small thing campared to what's ahead. I pray that God will teach me patience and understanding as more things happen to Drake that I don't think are fair. I have to put it all in perspective. God let his only son be beaten and killed and He still forgave the men who did it. A little scratch on the head is nothing!

Whew! My heart just did a 108 degree turn in the last two paragraphs. :-)

Here are some pictures of Drake eating at his NEW HIGHCHAIR! He loves it!! Luke and I found it at Babies R Us on Friday AND it was one SALE!!!

And here are just some pictures of him playing this morning...

P.S I JUST found out someone's made an offer on our house!!!! GOD IS GOOD!


Jessica Harriman said...

Funny story! Drake is just precious! Mary Ella hasn't had any trama yet, but I can imagine wanting to JUMP anyone who ever hurt her. Hope you got a good offer on the house!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

haha this is funny! :) I remember the first time Annabelle got hurt and I cried and cried! I know being a mom is soo crazy, funny, humbling etc! Glad your mom's ok!! I didn't know you were selling your house but I will pray about that for ya!