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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drake is 7 Months Old!

Drake turned 7 months old yesterday! He is getting so big! I feel like if I blink he'll be all grown up!

Drake, dad and I love you SO MUCH! We never thought we could love someone THIS much. You make us laugh all the time. You bring so much joy into our home. We couldn't imagine our lives without you.

Here is what you've been up to this past month....

-You now roll ALL over the place
-You have mastered rolling from your back to your belly.
-You can sit up by yourself for longer than a minute! This just started a few days ago.
-You are not crawling yet but when you are on your belly you push up with your arms and kick with you legs like you are trying to get somewhere. It's really funny to watch you do this...but kinda sad because you get frustrated.

-You are still nursing
-You eat A LOT! You have a fruit and cereral in the morning, a friut and veggie for lunch and a veggie and cereal for dinner. Plus nursing!
-We think you're about 20 pounds now. You are wearing 12 month PJ's and 9-12 month clothes.
-You are into EVERYTHING. Especially the remote and my phone.
-You are content just observing people in the room.
-You laugh a lot.
-You say, "dadadadada" "papapapapa" "bababababa" and "thathathatha"
-You sleep from 7:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. consistantly. Dad and I appreciate that more than you know!
-You take 2 naps a day (each about 1.5 hours)
-You don't have any teeth yet...but we can see them in your gums. Your gums look white instead of pink on the bottom.
-You DON'T like it when I leave the room. :-(
-We bought you a highchair last month and you LOVE it.
-You started eating Gerber Puffs this month. You love them! It's so funny to watch you move them around in your mouth and chew on them.

There are so many more things that I could write about you, Drake. You are such a special boy. You make everyone smile. I am always getting compliments from people saying how cute and happy you are. The nursery workers at church love you and are always so happy when they see you coming.

Daddy and I are already praying for your heart, Drake. We pray that you will choose to love and follow Christ early in your life. We pray that we will teach you and show you what it means to be a servant of God. We love you soooooo much!!

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Jessica Harriman said...

What a cutie! I love the ones with his daddy- so sweet! Thanks so much for your encouragment! We do need to get together! Mary Ella is going down alot easier, but she is still waking up during the night. Just this week we have started letting her cry it out at night. So, needless to say nobody's sleeping great at our house!