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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Tub, Identical TWINS & more!

Last night Drake took his first bath in the BIG TUB! He absolutly loved it. He played with his rubber duckies and splashed the whole time!

I have gotten permission from my brother and sister-in-law to share some big news in our family!!!
They are going to have IDENTICAL TWINS!!!!
We couldn't be more excited for John Paul & Rebekkah! We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. There are a lot of risks with identical twins. They did find out yesterday that there IS a membrane seperating the babies...which cuts out a lot of the doctors concerns. The next thing we are praying for is that they each have their own placenta. Our family feels very blessed to have these new babies! We can't wait to meet them!

Last night we went and ate at Moe's. Here we are....
I am too scared to ask someone to take a picture of our family all together. :-(

Here are just some fun pictures I've taken of Drake in the last few days!...

OH! and this morning while I was getting Drake dressed he got on his hands and knees, rocked for a few seconds and fell down!! WOO HOO!


Cara Beth said...

What a cutie! And don't be scared to ask people to take pics! Buie gets mad at me when I do it but I still do. You'll look back and be glad that you did!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Yay for the big tub!! Drake you have been up to so much lately you little cutie!!! How exciting is twins??? Oh, and all of the pictures are adorable.