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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Here are a few pictures I took last night at Luke's parents house. Drake is LOVING Christmas so far. He got so many fun new toys and cute clothes. He fell asleep after he opened only 2 of his gifts so he didn't get to play with anything until this morning. Today we are in Conway with my family. I hope he can stay awake tonight to open all his presents!

Drake is almost 5 months old now. He is such a joy! I look forward to playing with him everyday! He keeps us smiling and laughing all the time.

Drake, we love you so much! You are changing and growing so much everyday. Here are a few things you have been up to lately:

  • You LOVE tummy time now. You can lift up your whole chest and play with your toys while you are on your tummy.
  • You like to talk a lot! You wake up every morning talking up a storm. I love that about you!
  • You are still nursing
  • You have tried green beans and squash and LOVE them both.
  • You have started immitating what we do. Your favorite thing is blowing strawberries.
  • You are 17 lbs 4 oz
  • You can roll over from your stomach to your back
  • You sleep really well at night....BUT you don't really like to take naps during the day. However, Mommy has figured out that you will take a loooong nap in your swing.
  • You bring a smile to everyone you meet....we love you sooooooo much!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

He is so precious!! It was great to see you the other day--you look awesome! Merry Christmas.

Ashley Fisher :) said...


Luke is too cute!! How are you liking being a mommy? I'm glad I found your blog!!


Ashley Fisher :) said...

haha I meant Drake :)