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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Night at the Ballpark!

Monday night Luke had a softball game. It was a wonderful evening to sit out at the ballpark and visit with friends. I had a blast hanging out with Jessica McGinty and Elizabeth Farmer (and her two daughter, Ella & Sophie). Here are a few pictures from the evening.

This little girl cracks me up. This is Sophie. She is in Elizabeth's (her mom) lap being tickled! It's so cute!!


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures!! I need a copy of them too. I can barely get the girls there much less my camera-ha. Elizabeth

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you will stop by and see me...Every comment enters you for the 10 big giveaways this honor of Parker's 10th birthday!
I will resume our Disney posts in a few days. Tonight I have such a heavy heart and a huge prayer request.