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Friday, May 22, 2009

Drake Moving Around!

Last night I was able to get Drake moving around (and kicking) a little bit on camera!! He always stops moving when I tell Luke to "LOOK!" So, I was excited to catch some movement on camera so he could see what I was talking about. These are very quick watch carefully!! It amazes me everytime he moves in my belly. It's the coolest thing I've ever experienced. At my last Dr.'s appointment (which was Monday) he said everything looked great! His heartbeat was strong and he measured just a little bigger than most babies at this point (not shocking if you know how big his daddy is). I can't wait to meet him!!! I love him so much already! ENJOY THE VIDEO!


Blissfully Enamored said...

laura!! that is so cool that you were able to video that! i hope that the pregnancy is still going well and that you are feeling great!!! miss you!

Kristi said...

How neat. What a great idea. That is something you will want to keep forever. I do truely miss that neat feeling of when I was pregnant with my twin girls.

Mizell Family said...

that is sooo exciting, I can't wait to meet Drake!!

Blissfully Enamored said...

i wish that i could go into business with it!!! i love doing it so much!! i was actually just using my 35 mm that i bought for photography class in college! i am saving my money for an slr! what kind of new camera did you get???

by the way....i cannot believe that you only have abt 66 days until you meet drake!!!!


Congratulations to you both! Please tell Luke Phares said hello!