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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loooong Journey to the Bathroom

I took this video a few nights ago. I shot it because I wanted to capture how Drake is "army crawling" now. Luke was in the bathroom getting his bath ready and this is what happend... (the video is kinda long...sorry!)

I promise I went and cleaned the floor and the rug after this!!

Drake is getting around pretty well these days. I have to be really careful where I leave him. I have caught him almost pulling a lamp on top on himself and sticking his finger in an electrical socket! I want to wrap him in bubble wrap for the rest of his life!! :-) Anyway, I put plugs in ALL the sockets in the house and tied up ALL the lamp cords so he can't pull on them. He LOVES to open and shut doors and drawers. BUT he keeps closing his fingers in them!

He actually crawled for the first time tonight!!!! It was only two "steps"...but still...he CRAWLED! Luke and I cheered and clapped so loud for him! He was so proud of himself. I will try to be quick with my camera so I can capture this soon.

I LOVE this boy SO much! I thank the Lord everyday that He chose me and Luke to be his parents. We are so blessed!

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